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We Stand United On June 2nd…

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Fracking Beyond Today

We would do anything to protect our children, even give our own life to save them and it doesn’t matter if we’re politicians, corporate executives, or just any regular New Brunswicker. The problem is most of us need to see the danger before we step in to protect our children. We need to see substance, something tangible, real or concrete which is a far cry from seeing dangers that may exist in some distant future. As with anything most unknown dangers that take years to come to light need the same amount of time to study the effects and to see the results. Unfortunately hydraulic fracking, which we may see in New Brunswick soon, is a relatively new practice thus allowing most to ignore future dangers if they exist.

Experts on both sides will tell us their stories of what fracking could be. Many geologist and engineers will predict what future dangers might happen by the seeds planted today. Others still of the same fields will tell us fracking is relatively safe and the benefits outweigh any negative effect on our health and environment. When our province is deep in debt this plays on our psyche and blinds us even further on what future dangers may await our children.

So the question we need to ask ourselves here in New Brunswick is do we want to be the guinea pigs?

We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children. ~ Ancient Indian Proverb

Fracking Today

The problem with proving horizontal fracking is a danger today is two fold, lack of knowledge and the deep pockets of corporate interest groups. Because this is a new practice people are told by oil and gas companies that fracking is safe with little or no opposition due to ignorance. This of course is no fault of the people as they are, in some cases, compensated with a paycheck or in other cases promised some community upgrade, be it a new school or community centre. With huge financial backing and government officials, who have been influence by oil and gas lobbyist, these companies have most if not all the advantages.

Today some experts are crying out all over North America and beyond about the dangers they are witnessing as a result of Fracking. Such dangers are earthquakes, contaminated water supplies, radioactive pollution, methane release, local environmental destruction, air quality degradation, etc. When some New Brunswickers begin to research, with ears that hear and eyes that see, they lay witness to these concerns and start asking question. Unfortunately these questions fall under deaf ears and blind eyes.

So the government we elected to represent us has chose to shine the shoes of corporate interest groups and leave its people to fend for themselves, at least for another couple years until we elect another political puppet. Our picture is blink we stand in front of giants. With no money to fight back, no government to stand with us, and no corporate will to support us, they left us with little… or have they? Perhaps, in their ignorance, they left us with the greatest gift they ever could have. The gift of Freedom. Freedom to educate ourselves, freedom to research on our own, freedom to think for ourselves, freedom to create, freedom to find our own solutions, and perhaps most importantly freedom to join together as a community standing united. This is a very powerful picture indeed. Suddenly the giants before us look small.

We the people have the power to spread and share truth with our neighbours. In spite of our governments reluctance to tell us the complete story we have took it upon ourselves to offer up the real story of fracking. Some want an outright ban, some a moratorium, and others still are simply concerned, either way we stand together and we will stand as one on June 2nd 2012, Saturday at Moncton City Hall, 11am – 1pm please join us if not for your province at least for our children.


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April 30, 2012 at 5:35 pm

Fracking: Open letter to Troy Lifford (Fred’t-Nashwaaksis), Margaret-Ann Blaney (Minister Environment), Bruce Northrup (Minister Natural Resources)

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WE are writing you today with regards to accountability in the New Brunswick government. As you (gov) are aware many people are oppose to hydraulic fracturing, for some, admittingly their complaint is backed by ignorance but many back it with passion and knowledge.

Putting aside our concerns with fracking for a moment lets talk about something that past and current government have been suffering from without realizing it, “trust”. It appears you (gov) have forgotten to take a step back and ask why people are oppose to various issues that have been put forth. The truth is people have lost their trust in government because time and time again we have been told one thing, only to get different results. Broken promises have been the norm because you promise more than you know you can keep just to get elected and this is very frustrating to the average New Brunswicker. There is a reason why we the people are educating ourselves on the issue of fracking, we don’t trust you and the more we research the more we realize are assumptions are correct. We all know what happen when the last government mislead the people and it appears very little is changed.

There is a reason the world is waking up to the occupy movement which is now entering into its second stage. Our own government continues to support big business, big industry all the while providing little help to the lower and middle class and in fact cutting cost that effect lower and middle class more. Government will always tell the little people that low corporate taxes brings business to NB yet time and time again this has been proven to have little effect on job creation. People are tired of the lies and manipulation put forth by both past and present government. So it’s no wonder why people are questioning every move you (gov) make and you (gov) appear to be quite surprised by this.

So here is the kicker with regards to Fracking, most people against this have become educated on the matter and yet AGAIN it appears government have been holding back on the truth. This is very saddening and disheartening knowing that our government continues to cater to big industry all for the sake of revenue. You (gov) talk about regulation but this means nothing to the current “method of fracking” that has only been practiced for a handful of years. We know there will be guaranteed problems and even if companies fork over money (after possible years in legal actions) the damage is done. You (gov) people are just not getting it, it’s not about regulations at this point it’s about the process that has thus far proved unreliable no matter what kind of regulations are put in place. To be frank we are putting revenue ahead of the technology and the impact it has on our environment. It’s sickening that we put this on our children’s future. To quote a Native American Proverb:

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

As parents we don’t want that kind of future for our children. We want our childreb to grow up in a province that is proactive always, in all ways. We want a province for our children that basis prosperity on efficiency, sustainability, and preservation which are unfortunately enemies to the GDP. It is funny with today’s technology we continue to have a need to suck the earth dry of all its resources no matter what the costs may be both economically and environmentally.

Now if you think of all the money/effort put into the fracking process and the impact it will have on the environment; all for a fossil fuel that appeared to be the cleanest of ‘all the dirties’ in the earth only to become the dirtiest of them all based on the process of getting it…

…Now think of the impact of solar, wind, wave and/or geothermal. If the possibilities are there… do it!!! We can do this today with a big expanse or we can wait and do this tomorrow when its too late to fix what we lost and even more expensive to save what we have left.

Our children will come to know one of two things from our generation. 1) We failed them or 2) We saved them.

How will you use your free vote on Fracking this week?

With anticipation,

Zeitgeist NB

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December 4, 2011 at 2:33 pm

Response to Ms. Thorne-Dykstra post on T&T…

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Response to Bethany Thorne-Dykstra commentary in the Times&Transcript entitled “Let’s do business, but with respect for our rights.” Published November 26th, 2011.

Ms. Bethany Thorne-Dykstra being a former Green Party member I find it interesting that you would be such an advocate for the Oil and Gas industry. Your motivation in this article is certainty made apparent, the praise for Bruce Northrup and your protest against those you once stood along side of.

…our organization would like to formally commend Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup for doing the right thing by taking real action against a shale gas company who knowingly broke the rules of shale gas development within the Town of Sussex.

We do not understand why environmentalists, unions, opposition parties and the First Nations communities are still rallying and protesting when the government has clearly proven that they have heard our concerns and are setting up meetings throughout the province to discuss any further concerns.

You don’t understand because you appear to have been hijacked by government and corporate interest, willingly or unwillingly I cannot answer. You questioning First Nations communities protest against fracking is really amusing and more seriously quite insulting. If any community has a right to argue against this finite resource it would be our First Nations people. You not understanding why environmentalist continue to argues against this industry speaks volumes on where you mind is at on the issue. You truly have stepped into ‘the box of the fracking money making machine‘.

Obviously we would both agree we can never expect 100% guarantee of safe Fracking in New Brunswick but the fact of the matter is there are thousands of complaints and lawsuits throughout North America directed at the Oil and Gas industry. These families and communities with limited resources are overwhelmed by the rich industry that can keep pumping in money to fight these lawsuits.

I have to ask you Ms. Thorne-Dykstra what is it you are expecting from this potential industry in New Brunswick? The advocates for this industry will always argue that the benefits outweigh the risk but the question is whose risk are we talking about? What is your threshold on risk? Is it risking your friends, community, loved ones, or perhaps a strangers water supply? Is one water table too many or is five contaminated water tables the cut off point? You point out the new regulations (being your doing of course) and how wonderful they are, arguing that these regulations will put the onus on the company to pay for problems if they should arise. Yes this is true, but they need to be proven in a court of law that these companies are at fault, companies which have deep, deep pockets I might add.

Unfortunately Ms. Thorne-Dykstra we live in a society where companies sole priority is profit and we know that companies use the most cost effective methods of doing things in order to increase their revenue. Disclosing the ingredients of the chemical soup will do what? Based on Windsor energy’s recent tactics who is to say this will be truthfully put forth when money really is the true motivations here?

They specifically supported stronger protection of surface and groundwater through sound well bore construction, sourcing fresh water alternatives, recycling water, measuring and disclosing water use, disclosure and use of the least invasive fracturing fluids and working collaboratively to reduce any environmental risks.

To give you the benefit of the doubt and companies actually do man up and compensate families or communities, the fact of the matter is, we still have a contaminated and/or dried up water table or perhaps a number of other environmental/health issues. So what if they constantly bring in a water supply for the community or hand over money to compensate for land value depreciation, they still destroyed a natural system that took millions of years to develop.  You seem to think it is worth it and even if the companies are proven guilty the damage that’s done, will that be worth it? What corners will be cut to increase revenue or meet a deadline? Regulation does not regulate priority of profits, regulation does not regulate human error or human shortcuts because (you and I both know) we do not have the resources in New Brunswick to police these companies.

My final thought on the matter is:

Have we gotten to the point where we will suck the earth dry of everything it offers just so a small group of individuals can become even more rich (increasing the divide of inequality in Canada between the rich and poor) and so we can create some jobs for a short period of time? What kind of province will we leave our children 20, 30, 50 or more years down the road?

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November 28, 2011 at 7:28 am

Response to ‘Unlearning Economics’ blog post…

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Response to blog ‘Unlearning Economics‘ post of “‘Free Market’ Double Standards

One only needs to know the definition of economy to understand we have lost our way in ANY free market system i.e. capitalism.

“Careful, thrifty management of resources, such as money, materials, or labor”
“An example or result of such management; a saving.”
“Efficient, sparing, or conservative use”

John Locke with his argument for property:

There must be enough left over for everybody
You must not let it spoil
And you must mix your labour with it.

Today although there is enough to go around there is not enough money
Today we consume at an alarming rate with things spoiling right and left; just look at our dumps.
Today we have jobs that are meaningless just to hold on to a capitalistic system i.e. investors/brokers moving money from point A to point B and making money doing so. And this goes alone with all the other uninspiring mundane jobs which pollute our society ever insulting the human being.


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November 27, 2011 at 12:45 pm

Response to “Risking all for a democracy ‘occupiers’ would scrap”

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Response to Norbert Cunningham’s “Risking all for a democracy ‘occupiers’ would scrap” opinion published in the Times&Transcript November 26th, 2011

Mr. Cunningham yes, I agree you have made a correct assumption that the occupy movement does want a revolution but I would challenge you on the fact that your comparing this revolution to other revolutions. Having compared in this way is a good indication that ‘your just not getting it.’ This is a call for change unlike any we have seen in the past. The fact that this whole occupation (which appears to have gotten your attentions and hit a nerve judging from this and past commentaries) remains leaderless, peaceful, and without any formal solutions or issues should tell you how special this movement has become. It appears you cannot gasp the concept of how different and unique this is and in spite your continued negative critique in the matter this will not go away. Even in the removal of occupy locations it lives on and you cannot deny this.

I would also agree with you that evolution is preferable over revolution and I believe most in the occupy movement and just about anybody in the lower/middle class would agree with you. The truth is, we are experiencing an evolution, a shift in awareness and this of course is a good thing. The human being is ready to evolve along side our advancing technology and break free from what has, for a time, been suppressing change. If we look at our accomplishments in the past 100 years it certainly seems impressive but unfortunately this is only a glimpse of our true potential. What has been holding us back is the unlikely culprit of “money”. The true motivation for a better society is not profit as most economist in a capitalistic society will tell you, it’s human ingenuity. A monetary system/market is a deterrent to human evolution and the occupiers, unlike you, are starting to see this.

Your commentary about capitalism I find very interesting. You speak of suppression, loss of standard of living and freedoms, little or no opportunities, and countless lives lost under the rule of the elite in non capitalistic societies. In a world dominated by capitalist countries, controlling most all monies and resources, haven’t many lives suffered or died? Does not a small % of the world population control these monies and resources? I have come to the conclusion you have not really thought about what capitalism, in today’s world, is or understand the impact it has had on capitalist or non capitalist countries. Simply put the reason over 30,000 people die a day due to hunger is because there is not enough money  (we all know there more than enough food to feed everybody). The fact that we sell life saving drugs at $300 a pill should be a good indication on what a company, in a capitalistic market society, motives are. When we base our societies prosperity on a countries GDP, which in Canada over 10% of it is spent on healthcare what does that tell you? It tells you that the more we spend on healthcare the better for our GDP which translates to the more sick and dying the better for our GDP and the prosperity of our country.

A free market system is based on a infinite growth paradigm in a world that is finite in resources. This alone should have been a huge wake up call that we cannot sustain a capitalist system. Perhaps the biggest tragedy, which I believe John Locke and Adam Smith among others would agree, is we have become a world of consumers and have lost all value in life. No longer is a product’s value based on labour this has been replaced by jobs with little or not value at all to society, such as investors, brokers, advertisement agencies, etc. We should truly open our eyes and see that technological unemployment is real and we cannot replace these jobs with silly mundane, uninspiring jobs which carry very little motivation just to keep the system (game) going. We have seen the agricultural and auto manufacturing industry all but been replaced with machines. We are now seeing the service industry (which replaced the previous industries) being taken over by automated kiosk. This will not stop because for a company to compete today they need to do so in the most cost effective way. What can be more cost effective than replacing a person with a machine that does not require sleep, breaks, vacations, a salary and does not get sick?

A final note on your capitalist commentary, wouldn’t it be difficult to come up with solutions to a system that clearly does not work when it’s the only system one knows or lives in. It’s not easy stepping out of the box when you think there is no “outside” to the box. Please Mr Cunningham keep this in mind; we have for a long time lived a certain way and we have lived for so long this way we have forgotten to look or ask why we are living this way.

Speaking from within the box I would agree with you on your commentary on democracy reform. Standing outside the box, democracy is an illusion of power to the people. We vote for a select few to make tough decision for the majority of people. I would hope you would agree that most elected official are not qualified to run a country. I would also hope you would agree that our choice at election time are very limited and a person cannot possibly vote for a party on all issues. It’s not that all ‘or few’ politicians are crooks it’s they function is a system that is crooked.

Again speaking within the box your reforms are sound yet again outside the box they are just small band aids for a large wound that cannot heal.

One final note; having even a small understanding of what they are arguing for or against you should know being called a nuisance is the least of their worries. You also assume, quite firmly, your speaking for the majority, when one does this one is truly ignorant especially with little effort to understand. The truth is 58% of Canadians support this movement and 33% do not. In my opinion it’s commentaries such as your own where you think you understand and because of this mislead understanding you distort the real truth fox news style. Really I’m not faulting you on your understanding of it but I will fault you on your effort to understand it. The reality is this movement will continue in many forms solely because of people like you who just don’t get it.

If your going to quote Mohandas Gandhi how about one that is directly pointing at you:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mohandas Gandhi

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November 27, 2011 at 10:08 am

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